Introduction to Bubbl

The Bubbl Mobile Marketing Platform (MMP) can be accessed via website and works with our iOS, Android and React Native plugins which run in the background of your app.

An API key makes it easy to integrate Bubbl into an existing app with minimum need for developer support post initial set up. You will find your API_KEY on the Bubbl Dashboard Company page.

Platform access is provided on a single entity basis (i.e., company) with the admin user able to set up multiple users and permissions.

Our use of ‘campaigns’ is key to the platform – this allows a user to set and assign a period of time against a location to provide structure for their planned customer engagement activities.

Once a campaign is set up, a user can utilise and assign any number of Bubbl’s tools within the designated time scale and location.

Tools refer to the various types of rich push notifications available - these include Text, Video, Image, Message, Audio, Surveys and Footfall.

When a user sets up the tool within the campaign, they can select their triggers in line with the campaign aims. These include time-based triggers i.e. within a specified time range or at a fixed time - these can be set at any time within the overall campaign life. Other triggers include entry or exit into or out of the specified geofenced location.

All tool based notifications include a clear ‘Call to Action’ (CTA) button which can be amended by the user and they are able to include a web deep-link to drive their app customers to further information.

The platform allows a location to be set up with single or multiple campaigns. Users can edit, copy (clone), delete and pause campaigns as well as reassign a cloned campaign to a different location. When a campaign is copied, it also copies the tools that have been assigned to that campaign. Should the user wish to copy an existing tool or add a new tool to a campaign, there is flexibility within the platform to do so.

Campaigns and tools can be set up, deployed and managed in real-time allowing for any amends or changes during the campaign’s life. The platform provides basic reporting against campaigns and tool types which can be viewed on the platform or downloaded as a CSV file.

At Bubbl, we are committed to user privacy and adopt a ‘Privacy by Design’ philosophy - this means we operate on a ‘Zero Data’ basis, which in simple terms means we don’t access, use or keep any identifiable personal information, all we know is that there is a device with a specific operating system (i.e. iOS or Android) that happens to have our client’s app running on it. This means that every individual device is assigned a ‘Bubbl ID’ which can then be used to segment and assign a particular tool within a campaign for a particular reason i.e. segmented and relevant message or a recipient for a test campaign.