Bubbl Developer Hub

The Bubbl Developer Hub is where you come to find out how to install the Bubbl Plugin into a mobile app built using Native iOS and Android or React Native.

The Bubbl Platform allows marketeers to engage with app users in-app and out-of-app using a wide range of different notification types.

Expand and enhance your app user engagement and retention today

Please check out our Introduction to Bubbl guide and then contact [email protected] to talk to our sales staff and find out how the Bubbl can expand and enhance your app user engagement and retention.

What to do now

We suggest you familiarise yourself with our instructions and recommendations and apply them when accessing your account on the Bubbl platform.

What to do next

Jump in and start adding the Bubbl Plugin to your app.

iOS Plugin Summary
Android Plugin Summary
React Native Plugin Summary

Trouble shooting

Please check out quick our Troubleshooting overview. If you require further help please email our team at [email protected].