Notification Management

Now that you’ve set up your campaign, you can add your marketing notifications - the delivery method to send push notifications to your geofence when the defined criteria is met.

We have a variety of notifications available: Simple text, audio, video, image, footfall and surveys, all can be set up with a deep link and CTA (call to action) button.

Our footfall report analysis is a ‘silent’ notification type, meaning that there is no delivery of notification - any app user with your Bubbl enabled app will be merely ‘counted’ as having triggered the tool. Footfall is easy to set up and follows the usual notification setup. Our survey tool is slightly different and we will address that as a separate item in this guide.

Regardless of type, you can add as many tools as you like and these can be set as individual items with individual triggers (on entry / on exit / within time range / at a specified time) with the overall campaign duration.

Getting familiar with the campaign page overview


Notifications Availiable

Not all notifications are available to all users, please check your subscription.

By default, a campaign will be paused. This allows you time to set up and configure your notifications.

To unpause the campaign and make it active, click the green play button. We recommend leaving the campaign paused until you have set up all your tools and you are happy with everything.

  1. Campaign status display. It shows the current state of your campaign. By default, new campaigns will be paused.

  2. Click the play button to set the campaign status to live (green).

  3. Click the edit icon to edit the campaign.

  4. Click the duplicate icon to make a copy of the campaign

  5. Click the delete icon to delete the campaign

Notifications Menu

  1. Notifications in use show a list of notification types used within the campaign. In this campaign there are no notifications hence the list is empty.

  2. Available notifications are where you select the notifications type you want to use within your campaign

  3. Alternatively, you can select notifications type from the quick create drop-down