Bubbl Showcase App


Meet Bubbl Showcase App.

It's an App designed to demonstrate the power of location enabled notifications prior to the Bubbl API integration into your company’s existing app.

The Bubbl Showcase App

Our development team have baked in our location enabled notification technology into a sample Android and IOS App.

Our demo App (Bubbl Showcase) mimics the behaviour of our technology when plugged into your App.

With Bubbl Showcase App installed, you can experience the power of our platform, firsthand and in real-time.

Our Showcase Apps enable recipients to receive the following types of location enabled notifications:

  • Text Push Notifications
  • Image Push Notifications
  • Video Notifications
  • Audio Notifications
  • Surveys
  • We have also baked in a silent footfall counter.

The Bubbl Platform

Bubbl's cloud-based campaign management platform, enables users to set up campaign and set how location enabled notifications trigger via Bubbl’s Plugin for their App.

In this instance the Showcase Platform will connect to our Bubbl Showcase App enabling users of the platform to create location enabled notifications and to test drive the output via the Showcase App.

Access to Bubbl Showcase App and The Bubbl Platform

For a demo via Bubbl Showcase our customers will require access to two elements:

  1. The latest version of the Bubbl Showcase App
  2. Access to our demo Bubbl Platform.

Please contacts your account manager to register your interest today.

What’s Next