iOS React Native Bridge How-To Guide



To provide a React Native App Developer with details on how to use the React Native Bridge to enable communication between React Native and the iOS Bubbl Plugin.



React Native App Developer

Bubbl provides Information screens, that you may use, both for development purposes and as a part of your app. You can use these additions to your Native Bridge for triggering corresponding screens, they should NOT be used for production.

Add, as required, the iOS method to your BubblSdkModule file and the React Native code to your App.js file.

Bubbl Inbox

This activity display a user's messages received from the Bubbl Platform

- (IBAction)myMessagesTouchUp:(id)sender {
    [BUMain.sharedInstance displayActivatedPayloads];
<!-- this is only a sample of how it might be used -->
  title="<Your title here>"
  onPress={ BubblSdk.payloadActivity() }

Logs Activity



This feature is to aid developer for debugging and testing purposes only, it must never be available to the App Store.



The content on this view may not have been displayed to users, but is used for underlying Bubbl Plugin functionality

This activity provides Bubbl logs:

- (IBAction)showLogsTouchUp:(id)sender {
    [BUMain.sharedInstance displayDebugConsoleView];
<!-- this is only a sample of how it might be used -->
  title="Logs Activity - Not for production"
  onPress={ BubblSdk.logsActivity() }