Impact Reporting

The guide below describes our current reporting tools, how to use them and what data is currently available.

Our reporting function operates on a ‘real time’ basis, so as soon as a campaign is set LIVE, Bubbl will start to count any activity.

The reporting function is currently split between the rich media tool types with a separate reporting function for the surveys. All reports are available for download as CSV files in both an overview and detailed format. The guide below will also demonstrate where you can access impact data at a glance throughout the platform.

The Bubbl Platform has basic reporting available to all users, however we are always in the process of updating and improving our dashboard. Please speak with your account manager for further information.

Definition of Terms

Our reporting function uses the following terminology:

Campaign TimeA time period from the campaign start time to the campaign end time.
DeliveredA notification that has been received by a device, excluding footfall count.
Delivered CountThe number of notifications that have been delivered, including footfall count.
EngagedAn actionable notification that has been activated, e.g. call to action button clicked.
NotificationsA delivery method to send push notifications to your geofence.

Text Push Notifications
Image Push Notifications
Video Notifications
Audio Notifications
Footfall counter.
Trigger time, also notification timeThe time that a notification is set to be triggered.
Trigger, also event, activationAn event that causes a notification to be delivered.