React Native iOS Usage - Cocoapods



Implement the iOS Bubbl Plugin into a React Native app using Cocoapods.



React Native App Developer

To install using Cocoapods you first must have Cocoapods installed on your machine. For further information see the Cocopods setup guide.

If your project has not previously been using Cocoapods you should create a Podfile in the root of your project.

platform :ios, '14.0'

project 'your-project-name.xcodeproj'


target "your-project-name" do
	pod "BubblPlugin", '~> 2.0.3'

If you already have a Podfile you can update it to add the Bubbl plugin as a dependency.

To add the dependency, insert the following to your Podfile between the target and end lines:

target 'your-project-name' do
  pod 'BubblPlugin', '~> 2.0.3'


In the Podfile the minimum platform version must be 14.0

platform :ios, '14.0'

Finally run pod install to install the Cocoapods dependencies. You should now be able to import the Bubbl plugin using the Common Instructions.