User Administration

To add, remove and edit users, you need to navigate to the 'Company Management' section. Click the dropdown and then click the 'Company Management' button.

Create a new user

  1. Click the create user button

Adding a new user

  1. Insert the first name

  2. Insert the last name

  3. Insert Email Address

  4. Select the user role

  5. Click on the "Create User" button

  6. The user will receive an email with a button in the email to set their password.

Editing an existing user

  1. To edit a user's detail, click on the edit icon tool. This will bring up the user details window.

Reset user's password

  1. Click the "Chain" Icon to send a reset password email to a user

  2. The user will receive an email instructing them on how to reset their password

Deleting an existing user

  1. Click the bin icon

  2. Copy the full name of the user

  3. Paste their name in the text input field

  4. Click the delete button

Please note this action is irreversible

Edit your own user details

  1. Click on your name icon in the top right-hand of the header menu

  1. Click on the account overview button

  1. Edit your first name
  2. Edit your last name
  3. Edit your email address
  4. Save your changes
  5. Send reset password link