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To provide an Android App Developer with an overview of the information required to implement the Bubbl Plugin into an existing app written in Java.



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Bubbl Android Plugin Version: 2.1.3
minSdkVersion 29
targetSdkVersion 33


A Bubbl Dashboard account must be setup for the app prior to integrating the Bubbl Plugin into your app. If you haven't already done so you can register here.

Bubbl API Key

To integrate the plugin with your app, you will need a unique API Key and API URL.

You will find your API_KEY on the Bubbl Dashboard Company page.

The API URL is:

Android Push Notifications

An Android Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM) API key is needed to send Push Notifications to a device. The FCM API Key must be save on the SDK Configurations page on the Bubbl Dashboard, then select the Android Certificate tab.


How to create an Android Push Notification Certificate

See our How to create an Androd Push Notification Certificate guide.

Google Geolocation API Key

For details on how to set up a Google Geolocation API Key see here.

Development Environment - Android Studio Configuration

Device Tokens

When creating device tokens to register for push notifications, do not convert the token to hex, the token should be passed without conversion.

Notification Limits

The SDK Configurations page has an option to limit the number of notifications presented on a device; during testing you may need to increase this value.

Respecting your app users

The Bubbl Plugin can be configured to respect app users by restricting notification features when a device's battery reached a lower limit, this can be set on the SDK Configurations page.